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residential litigation group aka hoffman law group Complaints - scamming hoeowners with fake mortgage litigation and modifications. illegal upfront fees

I worked at this company, The owner is a Crack Addict. It is a room run, by seedy business men. They have felons who work on the phone. They collect a 6, 000.00 Retainer claiming to enter you into a federal Lawsuit that will keep you from being foreclosed on. Todd Berkley who currently has A warrant in Baltimore for stealing and selling his moms jewelry is now on probation for drugs. They allow these people to get on the phone and talk people into signing a Retainer. Todd Berkley, as well as the rest of the management team abuse prescription pain killers. They sell medication as well as other illegal substances to other employees. They also go by Residential Litigation Group but they keep changing there name so they don’t get caught.
They have a meeting everyday to get 50 accounts a week, The managers encourage the employees to con people into this claiming all sorts of Debt Relief on their home.
They Run advertisements claiming to be part of the Obama Program, than bait and switch people into this client attorney phone call. They do not have telemarketing licenses, and put someone who is there for the first day right on the phone.
It is a boiler room, and full of people who are not qualified to handle the scam. If you met the real Mark Hoffman, and saw the real Todd Berkley you would not give them a penny. Every time they get a new account they laugh and make fun of the new client. It was the most American Greed style office I have ever seen.
If you have given them your money or your routing and account number, file a complaint with the Florida Bar, Florida Attorney General, and the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau so you might have a chance to get your money back. Its your only hope.

The Hoffman Law Group AKA The Residential Litigation Group
860 US Highway 1
North Palm Beach, Florida

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