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Stan Mcclain from Ocala Florida is a Marion County Florida Commissioner and a member of the Silver Springs Advisory Group who supports eliminating Wild Waters.

A petition was created in response to the Star Banner article, “Silver Springs Advisory Group Recommends Closing Wild Waters“.

The petition has been signed by over 3,000 people from all over the state of Florida, the United States and by members of our troops in the Mid East.

On May 6, 2014, a member of the Save Wild Waters Group took the “Save Wild Waters” petition to the Marion County Commissioners (all are Republicans) and asked them to make sure Wild Waters was preserved for citizens in Florida. They were also asked to put a referendum on the ballot so the people of Marion County Florida could vote on keeping Wild Waters.

The request to make sure Wild Waters was preserved and the request to put a referendum on the ballot so citizens could vote on keeping Wild Waters was ignored.

Their failure to allow a vote and respect the wishes of the citizens they are supposed to be serving is an affront to democracy.

The Ocala Star Banner article “Wild Waters days are numbered” stated County Commissioner Stan McClain is the commission’s main champion for refocusing the facility toward ecotourism.

Eliminating attractions from Silver Springs and “refocusing the facility toward ecotourism” is NOT what Florida citizens want. We already of TONS parks and trails. This is another example of the misguided and outdated thinking within the Florida Park System and Marion County Commissioners.

They eliminated the small zoo, the animal shows, the safari ride, boat rides, kids attractions and more. Now, there is barely anything left worth going to Silver Springs to see.

We need more attractions at Silver Springs, not less. The lack of attractions is why attendance at Silver Springs declined in the first place.

Also, when Palace Entertainment managed Silver Springs and Wild Waters, you could buy yearly season passes for both parks. Eliminating season passes for Silver Springs and Wild Waters has also contributed to a decline in attendance.

The Ocala Star Banner article titled, “Wild Waters Days are Numbered” stated that plans to reintroduce swimming in the main spring “would make the Water Park obsolete”.

That is a ridiculous statement and demonstrates how totally out of touch Florida State official are who support plans to eliminate our Water Park.

Mr. Stan McClain from Ocala Florida and Marion County Commissioners are paid to do what the taxpayers who pays their salaries want them to do, not cram what they want down people’s throat.

The people have spoken and they want Wild Waters to stay. They do not want “swimming in the main springs” as a forced substitute.

Mr. Stan McClain and Marion County Commissioners have proved they don't care what thousands of families and children in Marion County want and are therefore unfit to serve in any public office.

Florida government officials ignoring the wishes of the citizens of this state and refusing to let the people vote on keeping our Water Park goes against everything democracy is supposed to stand for.

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