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There is a woman working from the South East coat of the UK who has placed ads under the following branded company names:

Astra Future

Psychic Realm

The Spell Lady

True Wish

Clairvoyancy Bureau

Ruby Ruby

She has placed ads in the following magazines (naming but a few):

"Spirit & Destiny Magazine"

"Soul & Spirit Magazine"

"Horoscope Magazine"

"Marie Claire Magazine"

"Cosmopolitan Magazine"

"Chat its Fate Magazine"

"Fate & Fortune Magazine"

"Prediction Magazine"

"Old Moores Almanac"

Her real name is Susanna Ainsley but in 2011 she changed her name to Suzanna York (oddly enough a famous actresses name!) but she tells callers who phone her many companies that she is a white witch under any of the following names:






The Spell Lady

One client phoned two of her brand named companies, little realizing that she was phoning the same company and speaking to the same woman each time and the first time this poor woman called she was told that she was speaking to Morgan, and Morgan charged her over £500 for a spell to bring her boyfriend back, the same woman in a state of desperation phoned the same company but under a different brand name and this same woman took the call, this time telling the client that she was Ayla and this time charging her over £1,000 for a spell for exactly the same thing.

Susanna Aynsley AKA Suzanna York never does any of the spells she is paid to do, and if a client does a chargeback or asks for a refund she threatens to hex them and make terrible things happen to them.

One poor woman maxed out 20 credit cards to the tune of £15,000 on each card to buy spells from Aynsley, or York as she now prefers to be known, who used scaremongering tactics to sell her the spells, telling her that she would never get her husband back if she didn't continue to pay for these spells. The said woman finished up trying to commit suicide and ended up in a mental hospital in London UK. Aynsley or York as she now prefers to be known, thought this funny.

British Trading Standards have been sent round to see Suzanna Aynsley (York Latterly) following complaints by a multitude of ripped off clients, but since they have no knowledge of spell casting, they have met with Suzanna Aynsley (York Latterly) showing them a small altar in her bedroom, and taken it from that that she does do these spells, only to leave the premises whilst Aynsley (York Latterly) cackles her head off because she has succeeded in fooling the Trading Standards Officer when she goes on to boast that she never does the spells!

Aynsley (York Latterly) is also advertising that she offers Remote Viewing and Mind Scripting, which are very specialist areas of expertise for which with the latter, some seriously specialist and expensive equipment is required, since Mind Scripting is a very scientific based service. Aynsley (York Latterly) does not own such equipment and as for remote viewing, well Aynsley (York
Latterly) had one of her psychics buy a CD set made by Ed Dames who is known as the joker in Remote Viewing circles, since he was NOT a remote viewer in the US military as he claims to be, rumour has it that he made the tea for the remote viewers in the remote viewing unit formerly based at Fort Meade in the US. Neither her staff nor her psychics have ever received formal classroom training in Remote Viewing and thus have no right to advertise this service or indeed Mind Scripting.

Aynsley (York Latterly) is a fake, who cons vulnerable people out of serious money and has done for 16 years or more, she needs to be stopped from trading.

Aynsley (York Latterly) used to be registered on Companies house in the UK as:

Name & Registered Office:






TN26 3AF

Company No. 03430579

Aynsley(York Latterly) is now registered on Companies House as:

Name & Registered Office:







CT20 1DZ

Company No. 06701782

And get this:

Status: Active

Date of Incorporation: 18/09/2008

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Company Type: Private Limited Company

Nature of Business (SIC):

9304 - Physical well-being activities

She has the audacity to register her business as "9304- Physical well being activities"! More like Physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual harm"! This woman is hard faced and dangerous.

Please spread the word so that other vulnerable people will be saved from the same plight, Aynsley (York Latterly) is dangerous and nothing more than a nasty con woman.

Their web sites:

Thanks for reading.


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