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Carolina Farmhouse Complaints - Took our $2,600-delivered terrible furniture-promised to replace and never did

Our Carolina Farmhouse experience has been awful. They do not provide what they promise.

The products we ordered were defective. One leg too short, surface marred, cupping boards etc. They promised to replace the furniture but all we are now getting are excuses.

They use all kinds of is sick, on vacation, sons birthday, 4th of July holiday etc, etc,etc. I understand things happen in life but the other complaints on Facebook were similar and at different times from multiple unhappy customers. In my opinion they were telling so many tales they couldn't keep up with them. I especially loved the "10 day, 30 customer delivery trip" excuse.

My theory is because we paid with a credit card they made sure the product wasn't delivered until the statute of limitations for disputing a charge on our credit card has already passed leaving us with no recourse. When we complained we are told: "Please understand that we have offered to rebuild these items as a kindness, but according to our published policy, we are under no obligation to do so"

Here is the timeline of what happened to us:

Ordered furniture February 2012 and had to pay up front the entire balance. Table and 3 shelves 1,808. Buffet ordered in April at a cost of $800 paid up front. Promised to have all the furniture to us by June 14th. Received the table and shelves 2 weeks late. Buffet would not be delivered until August 14th, 2 months late. Stain on shelves was wrong color. A large area of the surface of table was un -sanded. We requested it be sanded and finished properly.

Emailed June 27 about this and did not get reply back until July 8. Was told to rub table with a t shirt and then they proceeded to make excuses about why it took 10 days to respond. Little did we realize that this would be their typical behavior.

They picked up the table, resealed it and when table returned promised us the buffet to be delivered by August 4th. Buffet was finally delivered on August 14th and had major issues. One leg is shorter than the other three, wrong stain used, wrong handles installed and small chips of wood missing from surface. The employee who delivered the piece looked at the buffet and agreed it was not well built and that this was probably due to them messing up the first buffet that they built incorrectly and that they hurried because this was their second attempt to make it.

Called about the issues with the buffet. One of the owners visited our home and after seeing the issues he agreed they needed to be corrected. He stated he would build us a new buffet, would make us a new table and bench due to the severe cupping of the boards. Said he was busy that week but the following week could get it done.
We followed up September 25th, they said they were working on the new pieces and would be in touch. Said they would email once a week until everything was ready to keep us informed. From September 25th until October 23 we heard nothing.

Emailed them October 23rd for status and they stated in their email dated 10/25/2012 to us: "I do appreciate your patience with this process and I'm sorry it's been difficult. XYZ can keep you updated, but as of now it looks like at least one of your pieces will be complete and ready for delivery by the end of next week. The other will probably come the following week.

I emailed them November 2 the "end of next week":

"Hi all!

One of the owners said in this email " XYZ can keep you updated, but as of now it looks like at least one of your pieces will be complete and ready for delivery by the end of next week."

Does this mean you will be delivering this item tomorrow? Thanks

Their reply on November 2nd:

Hi customer,
I spoke to XYZ. She was referring to next weekend.

I emailed them the following Thursday with no response. Then I emailed again Friday:

"Hello 123,

Did not receive a response from you yesterday to my question. Will the replacement furniture you promised be delivered today or tomorrow? Thanks

Then they sent a long rant email about how they legally don't have to do anything.

If you don't mind the fact we experienced this type of poor quality and service then go ahead and do business with them. We feel we wasted $2,600 on a local business we were initially proud to support but it seems that vacations and time off is more important to them than meeting their commitments.

We have all of the emails to back up our claims. Feel free to reach out if you want more info about our horrible experience with this company.

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