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I went to Olathe, KS for a truck driving job. I got there and leased a truck. I worked there for about a month and I was talking to some new people, I just made one harmless comment about leasing and the company manager got mad. All I said was: "you guys who are going to drive a company truck are smart. It's better than leasing in a lot of ways." After saying that, the manager pulled me into a back room and forced me to turn in my lease! There were some other people in the room to who were quite pissed off about what I said. They gave me 2 hrs to clean out my truck and leave the property. They got me a cab ride at company expense to the Kansas City bus station. Then made me call my relatives back home to wire me money to pay for my own bus ticket! The company promised that I would make good money as a lease driver and I'd get a lot of miles. But they weren't paying out. After being there for a month, I had driven thousands of miles all over the country and they didn't even pay me! When I asked why I hadn't gotten paid, they just said I had to wait for the following week . Even then, I still didn't get paid! Now this is a company that can't take a joke. They also infringed on my First Amendment right to freedom of speech! Another complaint that other people have about TransAm is that ALL of their vehicles are automatic transmission. They have no stick shifts- none! I hate stick shifts, but most people prefer them. If this company is going to get rid of me for something like this, just a harmless comment I made as a joke, they will get rid of anyone for stupid reasons! I'll be the first to admit the joke I made was not funny at all and inappropriate, but to get rid of someone for a comment like that or saying anything else, is uncalled for! They obviously don't support or believe in the US Constitution! If you know what's good for you, don't work for this really f*%ked up company! TransAm is bull s**t! They can go to h**l!

People, if you remember one thing out of this article, remember this:
DON'T LEASE A TRUCK! It is a trap and a scam! They say they will pay you more and give extra money for gas, which is kind of true, but, they don't give you enough extra money to pay for all the gas you need. The extra money they pay per mile, you don't get to keep either You have to pay to maintain the truck, so if the Engine blows up, you have to pay to get it fixed! Even though the trucks are usually waranteed for at least 250,000 miles, the warantee doesn't cover everything!
The truck is not really yours, but you have to treat it like it is.
I had to replace a tire, which cost around $800! Then the front bumper got torn off the truck, that wasn't even my fault and the insurance covered it, but they charged me the $500 deductable!
If you drive a company vehicle, that you don't lease, the company pays for all that stuff. You will get paid less, around .30 cents a mile, instead of .84 cents like a lease driver, but considering they don't have to pay for truck repairs, insurance, $600/week lease payment and everything else, the pay checks add up to the same amount!
Leasing is the biggest SCAM in the trucking industry! Don't fall into the trap!

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