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Over a month ago ,I arrived home to find a letter from storm damage of america (in merrillville/crown point) on my door asking me to give them a call concerning my roof. Well I called to see exactly what what they had to say . They made arrangements to meet with me to discuss getting a new roof thru my insurance company.

During this appointment we discussed the needed repairs and previous jobs they had done in the was brougt to my attention that they had both good and bad reviews with their business but they always tried to work with everyone. Well I advised them ,that I wasn’t sure this would work in my case. And I had an high deductible and could not afford to pay much out of pocket expense.

They stated they would work wth me , well I agreed to do business with them considering they seem to be very agreeable when it comes to my financial situation . unfortunately neither of us knew what the insurance company would honor at this time. Then things changed ,the insurance company only gave 5084.00 once the deductible was met ,and I talked to SDS and they said I needed to come up with the 3000.00 ,I said I didn’t have it and I was told that they would talk to their boss.

I get a call the following day and they said I could come up with 1500.00 , I advised most companies pay the deductible for the customer ,and maybe I should look for someone to do the job cheaper. At this time I had been quoted 9000.00 the first time, then second quote was 6700.00 for a cover up . I advised I wanted a tear off. I started calling around and realized that several other companies were willing to do the job a lot cheaper ,and after I reviewed my insurance contract , it stated to find a contractor within the cost range given . I found a contractor that did the job for the cost of what the insurance company distributed

And they(the cheaper company) came out within three days to complete the job. then I received a call from SDS asking if I could come up with 600.00 for a deductible . At this time I HAD ALREADY completed the roof it just made sense to get a complete roof for 5000.00 versus a 6700.00 cover up that SDS wanted to do.

long story short, I went with the company that met my fincialneed. As advised by the insurance company. Unfortunately , SDS is trying to get 2000.00 from me stating that they supplied a service, only thing they did was an estimate and as it states on their website they give free estimates as do many other companies in this line of business.

unsure why they are using shyster techniques to rip consumer's off , when what they should do is try to be more competetive with the competition. No one wants to pay two times the price for anything ! and it’s one thing to rip off an insurance company , but I’m sure robbing consumers won’t bring them future clients.

The company I did work with was licensed and bonded and did an excellent complete job without trying to take me for a ride . I will refer them to others ,but I don’t appreciate the threatening phone calls, and letters from SDS are sending, using bully tactics to try to pursuade consumers to do business with them .

as a consumer i have a choice t work with whom i want ,i don’t try to take advantage of others and dont appreciate other's (SDS) trying to take advantage of me. No wonder they are so hard up for money they ghavent earned , they have bad customer service skills and bad business practices. Truly disgusted and I will spread the word.

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