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Twitter Complaints - Twitter Terminates Advertising Accounts with No Explanation

I tried running ads (sponsored tweets) on twitter in several niches and received very few clicks and no sales.

The PPC costs were high and started at about 30 cents a click to get an audence of less than 200 people. The recommended bids varied from $2 a click to $6 a click.

After running ads for about a month with no success, twitter terminated my account and refused to give any reason. Since twitter's ads didn't produce any results it was no great loss having my account closed, but it does demonstrate a total lack of professionalism by the Twitter staff and management.

I was advertising web design services and products such as header graphic templates so there was nothing wrong with the products & service I was advertising.

I have been advertising on the internet since 2008 with companies such as google. bing, yahoo and facebook and never had any problems like I encounter with twitter.

Other reputable companies such as google. bing, yahoo and facebook gives you a warning if they don't feel your ad complies with thier advertising policies and they give you the opportunity to make a correcion.

Complaints has been filed to the Better Business Bureau in San Francisco about this matter. I will also be filing a complaint to the United States Federal Trade Commission.

Closing someone's account before giving any warning or explanation of why such action was taken is unfair and unreasonable.

I think this demands a legal response so I'm seeking an attorney to sue Twitter. If you are an attorney who may be interested in this case, or know of any attorney who may be interested please contact me.

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