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Salinas Recycling Complaints - Verbal Abuse

Hello, my name is Pablo Cervantes. I would like to file a complaint for Salinas Recycling because some workers verbally abused my father.

My father and I were waiting for 10 minutes for the workers to attend us to get our cash. My dad being frustrated said these words 'Oh god these guys are taking forever just to attend us.' Suddenly the worker started cussing at my dad non-stop for no reason, he then said

I'm not going to attend you so just take your cans and bottles back. Additionally, when we were waiting for our bottles and cans to leave, the second worker that was with the first worker,came too to yell at my father for no reason. My father then said okay we'll get our stuff and leave then he told is in Spanish "fuck your mother" and then my father got furious and just said I am going to report you, and he said "I don't give a fuck, do whatever the fuck you want."

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