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At Village Park apartment complex living with a flooded basement when we get back into raining season but they swear they've fixed the problem several times. Moved in last April 15 2016 week later all neighbors started asking if my basement flooded and if I had a horrible sewage smell coming upstairs. I advised yes to both of these items I called the office which then employed Jessica with whom signed my lease with and asked if I could get out of my lease since I was very new there and these conditions we hazardous. She advised yes that once I had the money to do so since I'm a single parent to let her know and I could get out of my contract/lease with no penalties and be done with Eastborough because they are aware of the issue and can't fix it with the units occupied everyone has to be out of our entire side because it's a deep foundation issue and the Townhomes have to be torn up pretty bad and none of us will be able to live there and will be misplaced by this so whatever time I need to try and get money together that is fine because I had just paid so much money at my previous home paying rent and then all fees and rent I had just paid to move into Eastborough. Well of course life happens and I was never able to love anytime soon and Jessica ended up getting fired or quitting and no longer working in the office but they ended up with another Jessica supposedly at least that's what the last was telling me her name was and she of course knew nothing about this story or what Jessica had told me and said I could do that or move that way and that Jessica should've never told me that and so to make a long story short I was then stuck and couldn't go anywhere with the basement flooding again and home smelling horrible and me burning insense everyday airwicks in the wall and bath and body works oils burning tons of money being spent to try n block out the smell. Maintenance came out again shop vac the indoor outdoor carpet that they have downstairs in the one room it's in because they know it floods downstairs, with no padding under it mind you **hint hint**messed with the sump pump, pulled the indoor outdoor carpet back added extension poles outside and left stating it was supposedly fixed which it was not because the next time it rained which has been recently and it did consistently for days the entire indoor outdoor carpet was soaked. Things that were downstairs on the floor are now damaged and destroyed and irreplaceable at this point. But I've been the tenant that's continued to pay rent faithfully as a single parent almost 800 dollars, getting sicker and sicker day by day doctor appointment after doctor appointment. High out of this world electricity bills because their windows and seals aren't even proper or seals on their patios you can hear everything from the highway to people walking outside talking or just sitting and talking like they're in your home with you. When we moved in the carpets were so nasty and disgusting that you wouldn't believe. The tiles inside the shower and on the floors on the bathroom were nasty dirty and dusty like they didn't even try and get anything presentable or nice for a new tenant. I wasn't even allowed to see this apartment before moving into it I seen a model apartment and then was called when this apartment was supposedly ready needed to have my deposit and rent with me and signed my papers and given my keys. Section 8 would've done better than this. Paint is chipping on the outside of the units and building, bricks are crooked and not in properly in the upper foundation. It's just unbelievable how there even still open and how they even still have the little bit of people they still have. They lie about things the tenant has supposedly said once they see your smart and have sense about what you know and how your handling them and your situation and they're not dealing with a dummy. They lie on your documents that you fill out on their forms so that they can later screw you. These people are slumlords and make sure they hire people and have people that work for them that are going to support them and do the same things or support wrongs

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