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Suzy Heinbockel Complaints - Vote Suzy Heinbockel OUT of Ocala City Council

Suzy Heinbockel is one of the three city council persons who voted in 2011 to have the Muscovy Ducks either killed or removed from the park in Ocala.

My 8 year old son was VERY upset about this and so were lots of other people. We used to enjoy feeding the ducks in the park but now thanks to Suzy Heinbockel, Daniel Owen and John Priester most of the ducks are gone.

This video exposes Ocala City Council President Daniel Owen dispecable conduct at a meeting about the ducks - (copy & paste link in your browser to view video)

Here's a news article about this:

People protested about this and came to city meetings in droves so it would seem that Suzy Heinbockel had to be well aware lot's of people were upset about this but she voted to have the ducks removed anyway.

By voting to have the ducks removed, Suzy Heinbockel voted AGAINST the will of the people.

It's wrong that Suzy Heinbockel and 2 other council persons voted to deny thousands of Ocala citizens the simple pleasure enjoying ducks in our park. These ducks has a God given right to reside at the lake and we have the right to have ducks in our park.

We should vote for the opponent of Suzy Heinbockel in 2013 to get her thrown OUT of Ocala City Council.

10/15/13 UPDATE: Whoo hoo... Suzy Heinbockel LOST! She deserved to lose on account of voting to kill / remove the ducks from our park.

Next, Daniel Owen needs to be voted out of office when he runs to be re-elected.

His conduct at the city council meeting regarding the ducks was dispecable. (copy & paste link in your browser to view video)

People are FED UP with Politicians who act like dictators who try to CRAM their will down our throats.

When they vote against the will of the people, we need to vote them out.

Those who insist on voting to remove or kill our ducks, WILL be removed from office.

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