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Lucky Strike Bowling Complaints - Where is my driver's license?

I write this letter out of disappointment and frustration. I am really appalled at how I was treated when I followed instructions. On March 28, 2014 @ approximately 11:17pm, I became a very dissatisfied customer at Lucky Strike Bowling located at 322 E. Center Chicago, Illinois 60611.

A few co-workers and I decided to visit Lucky Strike Bowling for socialization and merrymaking. We ate well and then decided to play billiards. I was informed by the cashier in the billiards area that I would need to leave a photo identification card, in order to reserve a table. She explained the rates. I agreed. I then exchanged my identification card (Illinois state driver’s license) for pool balls. I played on the table for about two hours. Thereafter, a gentleman requested the table. I obliged and returned to the counter. It was here that a male cashier asked for the number(s) on the ball rack. I reciprocated and exchanged the same number (s) for my identification card. I received an identification card. I simply placed the card in my wallet and left with my co-workers.
It was later discovered the male cashier had given me someone else’s identification card. I immediately returned to Lucky Strike Bowling and asked to speak to a manager. I was approached by Matthew Friedman who in turn was not sympathetic to my want. I gave him the incorrect identification card, while asking for mine. He stated, “I can’t give you your identification card because I don’t have it or I can’t give you any information off the wrong card because of policy. “ I fussed and yelled because my Illinois State driver’s license has been given to someone else. I again asked to speak to a different manager. Alan Schopper was not very helpful or overwhelmingly understanding. Through him, there appeared to have been a total disregard for my situation. It seemed as though neither one cared about my situation. Understandably so, I spent my money at Lucky Strike. I deserve a thorough follow up.

I am upset on this day because I now have no license to legally drive my vehicle to work. And I do not have any information to try to find my card. So, I ask. Why am I being penalized for following the establishment’s policies and guide lines? I cooperated with the establishment’s policy and entrusted a worker with my prized possession, Illinois state driver’s license. Hence, I left Lucky Strike without my valid driver’s license.
My question stands. How will Lucky Strike Bowling assist me in retrieving my driver’s license? Lucky Strike bowling broke trust. My license had been handed to someone else by way of a careless cashier. Authenticity was not verified. Because of the ongoing concern for identify theft; I am worried about the whereabouts of my license.
Conclusively, I will be sure to forward this letter to news sources, write negatively on Facebook and not follow Lucky Strike on Twitter. As one man, I will put the word out, concerning Lucky Strike Bowling carelessness. I hold Lucky Strike Bowling responsible for mishandling my identification card.

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